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Loving Guide

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In the embrace of today's journey, I find myself engaged in a fierce struggle, navigating the undulating tides of life's vast ocean. It's as though with every passing meter, the door of opportunity inches closer to sealing shut, prompting a fleeting concern that perhaps this time I won't emerge unscathed. Yet, amid these contemplations, a glimmer of control surfaces, akin to gaining mastery over a ship caught in tempestuous waters. Yet, just as I begin to grasp the reins, an unexpected stumble propels me once again into uncertainty.

Amidst the ebb and flow of determination, as I pledge to see this voyage through, a transformation unfolds. Slowly but surely, the sun ascends the sky, casting its radiant light upon the waters of existence. It's in this moment that the assurance of a timeless companion, an eternal friend and guardian, becomes palpable. Gratitude wells up within me, a profound appreciation for the ever-present keeper who traverses alongside us, whether in moments of anguish or elation. Their grace knows no bounds, a constant amidst life's varied landscapes, guiding us with an unwavering love that's as distinctive as each individual's journey.

I've discovered that it's when I elevate my consciousness, when I hold you, my Eternal Father, Source of all things, Almighty and Supreme, in the highest echelons of my thoughts, that the tunnel's end reveals itself. In those moments of profound connection, where divinity intertwines with human experience, the light becomes more luminous, illuminating not just my path, but also the paths of my fellow travelers. It is my aspiration, my eternal resolve, to share this profound love and glory with every brother and sister in your vast kingdom.

In this perpetual odyssey called life, the narrative of struggle and triumph plays out against a backdrop of universal connection. It is through embracing your boundless love that the dance of existence finds its true rhythm, a rhythm that beats within every heart that has ever sought solace, purpose, and meaning. And so, with an open heart and a spirit ignited by devotion, I embark upon this quest, to spread the wings of affection and honor your boundless magnificence.


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